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06 Sep 2017 21:04

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Marcia could tell that she was expecting something, teenporn but what? Maybe, she thought, this was some sort of test to see sexcy felm if Lady Jennifer could trust her. Eventually this was the thought that won out, italian softcore movie teenporn so she just let go, and stepped back. You probably did what you thought I wanted you to do, and if so, teenporn youre wrong.Lady Jennifer stood there for a few moments looking at Marcia, then said, Im very disappointed in you right now. <Part 7It was clear to her that Lady Jennifer was not trying to end this. What would have made me the most proud of you is if you had spanked me. I want you to be a strong and powerful woman. The kind of woman that has the self-confidence to demand another womans submission.Something related to this act of submission is how a woman can initiate it. Lady Jennifer gave Marcia a few moments to think, then continued. If youre attracted to woman, then be obvious about it and have the courage to submit to them. You may have a hard time believing this, but if you truly wanted to respect me, and respect what I have taught you today, you would have done something.Do you think youre the only one who likes to have a hand up her skirt? The important thing to remember here is what I just told you earlier. Yes, Mistress Jennifer. Suppose youre talking to a woman, and she flips her hair over her right shoulder to you. Marcia immediately responded by flipping her hair over her right shoulder. Lady Jennifer reached out with her left hand.Yes, Mistress Jennifer. She then raised her dress and pulled her panties down to her knees, and as she was doing so she said, This was for the one time you forgot to address me as Mistress Jennifer. Then using it like a handle, she wordlessly guided Marcia around, and bent her over the arm of the lounge. Only ten swats with her hand, but it had the desired impact she was after.The spanking she delivered was not long. And this is for the non-verbal response earlier, and she delivered another ten solid spanks. She then took that opportunity to switch hands that were holding Marcias hair and said, Marcia. We in this kingdom frown on ambiguous flirtation.When she was done she left the panties at Marcias knees, but stood her up facing her. I consider you to be a smart girl. Lady Jennifer then pulled down on Marcias hair, and at the same time, used her forearm to push on Marcias shoulder. Marcia was now on her knees with her face only inches from what she knew was about to be the focus of her attention.She did this for about a minute then pulled Marcia back out. Marcia quickly understood that she was expected to kneel down, and did so. Lady Jennifer did not wait long before she pulled Marcias face into her crotch, and slowly humped her face through her dress.If I have to explain myself any clearer, Ill have you back over that lounge again for another spanking. Marcia figured she was told quite plainly by Lady Jennifer what she wanted. She then used her right hand to lower her panties until they were down around her ankles, at which Lady Jennifer kicked them away.She had to admit that she had at times thought about licking another womans pussy, but not in any serious way. What she is doing is giving you the sign that she wishes to be your submissive by offering her hair to you, and that you are free to do with her as you please. Marcia didnt know what she was doing, she only did what she thought she would like if the roles were reversed, and began licking at her mistress lips.Lady Jennifer then began to slowly rub her clit along Marcias nose, and in no time at all she was cuming in Marcias mouth. Once she was done she pulled Marcia up for another deep passionate kiss. Stick your tongue in me as far as you can go.I should not have to explain what I now expect of you. This struck both women as amusing, and they giggled. She always liked the taste of herself in the mouth of a young woman, and Marcia was no exception. After pulling back and looking over Marcia, Lady Jennifer said, Looks like Im the one that now has to apologize for making a mess of someone.Lady Jennifer led Marcia out of her bedroom, and down the hallway to an unassuming door. It was clear that Laura was not there to prepare the room for Marcia, because she was just standing there in white satin demi-bra and panties, and she also still wore the black stockings and garter, along with those ridiculous stiletto heels. Lady Jennifer said to Marcia, Marcia, you and Laura are going to be roommates this summer.Using her left hand, she raised Lady Jennifers dress until her panties were in view. Yes, Mistress Jennifer, replied Laura. She then looked right at Marcia and said, Ill help Marcia with anything she desires. Then to Laura she said, Laura, will you help Marcia get ready for dinner?Lady Jennifer then raised her left leg and placed it on the lounge, and then practically sat on the open mouth of Marcia. How about I take you to the room you will use while you are staying with me, so you can then clean up before dinner. When she opened it up, Marcia saw Laura inside.~ End of Chapter 2 ~ Marcia Learns Submission ~perl10 [1 comment] She then reached behind her head, and flipped her long, wavy, dirty-blonde colored hair over her right shoulder.

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