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06 Oct 2017 19:06

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tt/ZIFkhQuick recap - a redditor pal of mine asked me to go find someone to hook up with and send him pics. ) and went home for some fun. I groggily woke up to the brightening sun, and didn't immediately remember what all happened the night before. So Alec and I passed out after all our fun, and slept until the sun came up and a lit up my room.I lay there admiring him for a minute or so, as my cock swelled. The thought of sharing got me hard also, and I got up to get my phone from the living room. Then, I remembered my reddit friend's request! part I here Mortal Kombat Hentai - http://ift. I found a guy while mortal kombat hentai I was out with friends (he was about ' (I'm about '" by comparison), probably lbs, rather slim, short brown wavy hair, light stubble, light body hair in the middle of his chest.I said, "good morning boy," you look so hot this morning. " Alec smiled big and said, "I'm glad you think so," as he slid his hand down his body and started to play with his hardening cock. I flipped to the camera on my phone, and held it up while I said, "I do! When I got back to the bedroom, Alec was beginning to wake up.You look fucking great, and I want to make sure I remember later. " He hesitated for a few seconds, but quickly fell into the role, and started to pose for me. This is the morning after. He reached out and started to slowly jerk me cock and lick up and down my totally hard shaft. I got another good pic of him as he stuck out his tongue and looked up at solo girl free porn me.He opened Zishy his eyes and said, "hey stud" when we saw me standing there naked and now totally hard. I snapped the pic, and immediately texted it to my reddit pal, with the text, "good morning bud. I got a couple pics of him laying there, holding his cock. After opening my eyes, and seeing this sexy, tight, naked boy sleeping next to me, it all came back.He quickly obeyed as he looked up into my eyes again, and said "yes master" with just the look on his face. I gave him some, "good boy," and "take it all," but I couldn't take too much more. I pulled his mouth off my cock, and watched his spit fall down to his chin.He just looked up and said, "yes sir? I say on my knees behind him for a few seconds, admiring his beautiful ass. " I pushed his face down, got off of him, and flipped around to his ass. I slowly started to feel him up, spank his ass, and spit on his hole.I dove into his hole with my tongue and eat him out aggressively. I grabbed him and threw him into the position I wanted him, on all fours with his head in my pillow. Then quickly got onto the bed, and straddled his body as I put my cock in his face. I completely love eating a hot hole, and his was great. hope you're doing as well as me :D" I threw the phone to the side, then grabbed Alec's hair and stared to guide him up and down my cock.He looked up at me, still on all fours, and I asked him, "are you ready for more of this cock boy? I kept at it for a good minutes or so - eating him, spanking him, backing out and spitting more before making him tell me he wanted more, and diving right back in.He put his hands down for few seconds, and I told him to grab my balls and massage them as he sucked. Once I had my pleasure, and had him well lubed up, I got up, standing over him bent over. He moaned and groaned for a minute or so as I worked my cock down to the hilt. Once I got in all the way though, he quickly started to back his ass on and off my cock, fucking himself slow.After giving him one in and out with one finger, I lined up my cock, grabbed his head with my left hand, and with my right, guided my cock into his hole. After a couple minutes watching him, I couldn't take it any more. Hearing me tell him I liked it made him even happier, and he worked up and down harder and harder.He yelled on my first thrusts as I surprised him, but quickly started moaning into the pillow in a low, "fuck yes" tone. He immediately started to flinch and moan to my touch, as he got exited about what was to come. I got down on my knees, to be more at his level, and started to fuck deep from down to up, trying to make my balls slap his as I bottomed out.It worked a bit,, and was hot feeling his hot balls on mine as they slapped him. He was warmed up well with all the rimming, but was still super tight. Once I had my fill of that, I rolled him over onto his back, with his ass hanging off the bed.He looked so fucking sexy laying out there, staring into my eyes, and talking dirty to me. I loved watching him fuck himself, and told him so. I told him "damn right you are," grabbed a condom and some lube, and put one lubed up finger in his hole. "Good boy," I said, "I want to see my boy shoot all over. It got me rock hard seeing that beautiful sight. I told him to jerk off his boy cock, and he told me he would cum if he did.At this point, I was on the balls of my feet, over him on all fours, and I got good power behind him, fucking his hole hard. " He did as I commanded, and after a good seconds, he was sparying a load onto his check and stomach.As I leaned back and gave him a few more deep thrusts, I came hard in his hole. I slowed down long enough to lean down and take a long lick from his cock up his body, licking up all the cum I could. Standing next to the bed, I grabbed his ankles and spread his legs wide as I fucked him more and more.I grabbed his hips and stared to pound him hard and deep. So much so, I even got a pick of him with cum on his chest, from jerking off to the pic. After he left, I got back to my phone, and found my redditor bud had texted me back how much he licked my pick. We had a bit more fun that morning before he gave me a final kiss, and one suck onto my semi-soft cock at my command, before he headed out.

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