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18 Sep 2017 18:41

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May I offer you anything? Jess is just wrapping with another client. Could you please let Jess know I’m in a bit of a rush? "Hi, yes, my name is Katherine Bennett — I have a 4:15 to see Jess. ""Certainly Ms Bennett, thank you so much for your patience, I’m certain she’ll just be along.Tea, juice, a sparkling water? I’m meeting my fiancee in Marylebone, and need to be on my way if I’m to make it on time. ""Oh, nothing for me, thanks. It’s so good to see you again. Hopefully no one says anything to her; I’d hate her to think me a bitch.She’s a sweetheart, and it really is a lovely shop. Okay, okay, she’s helped me find a dress I love that makes my very large behind look lovely for the man of my dreams, and will be one of the more solidly mediocre dresses Chelsea has ever seen. I’m certain Pippa would understand, even though she’s not about today."I hate to be the posh demanding bridezilla — especially as a result of my own poor planning — but if they’ll accommodate me out of my own mistakes, I might as well take advantage. "Jess is my bridal consultant extraordinaire. it’s a very simple, elegant satin dress, with a low, plunging neckline and shoulder straps that thin me out nicely.Over the past 4 months, she’s tolerated my emotional spasms as I do my very best to select the most elegant wedding dress Chelsea has ever seen. But who can live up to their expectations? Jess leads me back into the gallery where my dress is on a rack, waiting for my final approval. "Ok Kate, If you just wanna zip that off then, we can make sure those final changes to the bust and hem line are to your bbw redhead liking and you can be off!Ready for the final-final-final? Thank you so much for understanding. I’m sorry to rush you, it’s all my fault. I feel beautiful in it. I’d not like to keep you any longer than I have to. "It’s no trouble at all. "No matter how many times I do this, I can’t get used to it. I look beautiful in it. Looks like the changes to the bust and straps worked just as I’d hoped!The dress slides on easily enough, and seems to fit just as it should, though I’ll need Jess to zip me to be sure. I’ll be back once you’re settled in. Every time I strip to my unmentionables in here, I feel totally exposed. I wore it on our first date together. They cover my bra straps just as they should.My fiancee, Rory, loves this bra and panty set. He didn’t find that out until later, of course, when I rode his lovely cock while wearing them in the back of his Land Rover on our fourth date — before we’d even gone out for the evening. He didn’t seem to mind later when he lifted my legs up over my head and buried his tongue in my cunt for the first time — even after my pussy had sat in a pool of his sticky load all night.I can’t believe I had a £30,000 dress altered to accommodate a £40 brassiere. Bridal galleries are big rooms — much larger than your average dressing room. Over time, I’ve come to know what Rory likes me to wear for him, and just how much he enjoys me in cute, sexy things. I spent that evening with Rory and his mates at the pub, watching a football match with his cum running into these panties, and down my leg.It’s my little wedding present to him. I knew then that I’d marry him. And it only cost me forty quid. " I offer, trying my best to sound truly grateful. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other the night prior, so we picked up right where we left off first thing. But we both still have a special place for that plain, lacey white bra and panties.Standing here, in the dress I’ll wear to marry him, concealing the lingerie I’ll wear to fuck him, thinking about my husband properly shagging me has drenched my pussy. I practically had to sneak them out of the house this morning to wear them here to make sure they fit, and the dress hides them appropriately. I should have been here quite some time ago.I don’t think I’ll wash them before my wedding day. The PR is our favorite pub in this part of London, an over-the-top Victorian space with eclectic decor and a light atmosphere on the high street. —————The tube at rush hour is a distinct hell that you cannot truly appreciate until you’ve experienced it first hand.What he doesn’t know is that I’ve bought a brand new set just for him to defile on our first night as husband and wife. As much as I would love one of the cask ales on pour here, I need to ensure I’ll fit into that dress, so gin it is. They also make a killer gin & tonic. Had he seen me, he would’ve called off and had me properly fucked all morning long.running late at work, tube will be shite. It’s Rory:"hey babe. ""yeah, everything is fine. By the time i’ve managed to get north to Marylebone and walk to the Prince Regent, it’s already half-six. ""You too"Once my disappointment subsides, I find myself in a lovely conversation with an older gentleman and his wife and their friend about married life, and the virtues of cooking with proper lard.i’ve sent you some company until I arrive. Startled, I turn to find Ian standing next to me. I almost completely forgot that i’m to be expecting someone, until I feel a strong hand cup my ass and squeeze tightly. The straps of my new frilly things are showing."I’m wearing jeans, flats, and an off-the-shoulder drawstring peasant top. "Looks like I’m not the only one with punctuality issues tonight. We continue our idle banter until Ian excuses himself to order a drink at the bar, and I seize the table opening up in the corner near the window. I politely introduce him to the group I’ve been chatting with.After what seems like forever, Ian returns with a pint of lager and another gin & tonic for me. As I nestle into an overstuffed royal purple settee with my drink, my ass begins to vibrate. As he leans in for a peck on the cheek, he utters "‘ello, love.I guess I do look great. Ian is Rory’s co-worker, and his bi-sexual playmate. just need to wrap up a couple of things and it’s taking longer than i expected. We all had a great night together, but we didn’t do a lot of talking, so I still don’t really know anything about this boy.Ways Rory never could. A few weeks ago I caught them at their first time having proper sex instead sneaking around car parks to jerk or suck each other off. Except that he’s ginger (my favorite), and his cock is thick and magnificent. This is, well, slightly awkward.I need to focus on Rory; on us. Rory and I both find cock to be very hot, and I told him some time ago that he could have a free pass to fool around with guys, so long as I got to hear about it. "Yeah, Rory’s mentioned. Once it’s all over, and I’m on a plane to a honeymoon where there are no flowers, no meals, no dresses, no headaches, you know?I can’t wait to be done. I don’t want this guy getting the wrong idea. "How’ve you been, then? Just rest and relaxation. This boy made me cum in ways I never have before. "Ha ha, yeah, I’m sure there will be some of that, too."I laugh nervously, desperately trying to keep the conversation light. "More nervous laughter. "I’ve been meaning to thank you for handling things so well. "I-I’m glad he’s found a nice cock to service… I mean a nice person with a fat cock… i…"Fuck. Ian laughs sheepishly "Heh, like my cock, then, Katie? I must be the color of the velvet chair I’m sitting in." he asks, after gulping down a third of his pint. I have no idea what I’ll do if he tries to get more personal. Where the fuck is my fiancee? "You have a very nice cock, yes. I fumble to text him that very question. I think Rory likes it very much. "I think you liked it very much.Tell me again, what do you at work again? Pleasing Rory is something I really enjoy, so it was fun. This wouldn’t be such an issue, except that he’s not wrong. " Only Rory can call me that. ""Fucking you was better. He didn’t even seem to care that i was purposefully short and trying to change the subject. I quickly excused myself to the ladies room.Seemed to me you’re seriously underfucked, Katie. "I had a good time, yes. As with all of these old buildings that were never meant to be pubs, the facilities are upstairs, downstairs, outside, down the alley, behind the bar, in the barkeep’s pocket — never anywhere normal.Most birds would’ve lost the plot, but you were amazing, and a great shag to boot. I chose the last one, shut the bbw redhead door, and sat down to collect myself. I didn’t even need to use the facilities, I just needed to get out of there and breathe. Rory even said as much… he thanked me many times for shagging you so well — while I fucked his throat until he swallowed my cum.The ladies room at the Prince Regent is no exception. "I didn’t know what to say. I collect myself, breathe deeply, and stand up to leave. What the hell was he thinking sending Ian here anyhow? It’s up the narrowest flight of winding stairs you’ve ever seen, and the only room to be found at the top of that landing."I hear the door open and some chatty girls going in and out, prattling on and on about typical vapid bullshit. Check my phone, no response from Rory. Unlike most of these old pub restrooms, it’s larger than a single water closet, more like a modern restroom with several stalls. I’m ushered back into the stall I just tried to leave.I would never cheat on him, even with a man I’ve already fucked with his blessing. You’re going to turn around, drop to your knees, and suck my cock. It’s almost like he wanted this to happen. "I’m going to take my hand off your mouth, and you’re not going to scream. "My stomach fluttered, my knees buckled. I don’t think I’ve ever been so wet in my life.He held my arms tightly above my head with one of his massive hands. —————Ian took his hand off my mouth, spun me ‘round, pushed me up against the wall, and then down to my knees — hard. The voice was Ian’s. He held it there for what seemed like ages, and then pulled out. Before I could even whimper the slightest complaint, he had unbuttoned his jeans and shoved his cock right down my throat.He wasted no time driving the length of his shaft all the way down until my lips had reached the base of his dick. His grip was so intense that it kinda hurt. "You’re going to do exactly as I say, and you’re not going to scream. I try to wrestle my hands away, which only steels his grip.He forces my hands back up against the wall where my head is already pinned by his cock. With my throat full of this boy’s gorgeous, thick cock, and my nose buried in the mound of short ginger hair at the base of his shaft, I can hardly breathe.I tried to catch my breath. Ian filled my throat again, making me gag slightly. I open the stall to step out, and in an instant I’m spun around, grabbed tightly around my arms and midsection, and a hand is cupped over my mouth. I want it so badly that my pussy is drenched, and if I had a hand free, it would be pummeling my clit while he gags me with that dick.He began to thrust, pushing my head to the wall and pinning it there with his powerful cock in my mouth, forcing it as far as he possibly could, over and over. "I do my best to shake my head "no" with a mouthful. You’re a lovely bride-to-be, but deep down, you’re a little slut who needs to be fucked hard, and told just what to do. I’m going to take your pussy from you, and you’re going to like it."I start shaking my head "no" feverishly. I am going to use you for my pleasure, and when you’re done I’m going to leave you here dripping with cum. I’m going to fuck you like I fuck your soon-to-be-husband. I’m going to fill your womb with my seed, and your belly with a little ginger baby. Tears well in my eyes. Ian yanks me off the floor and spins me around again, pushing me against the wall.Because I can’t breathe, because my wrists hurt, because he’s gagging me with that cock, because I’m being unfaithful to the man I love…Because I’m enjoying it. I begin to protest and he claps a hand back over my mouth. " he asks, removing his hand. "With his hand on my mouth, I can only manage to make some sort of unintelligible noise in response. "Again, I shake my head "no", but the truth is that he’s right."Do you want this cock inside you? You’re not allowed to cum until I give you permission. "I’m going to fuck you, Kate. ""Yes"I unbutton my jeans and drop them to my ankles. Because I want this rock hard dick inside me so badly I can’t stand it."Yes " I offer meekly. Ian holds his dick deep inside me for a second, no doubt savoring the spasm of my pussy around it, and teasing me, building my anticipation. He grabs my waist just above my hips, and slowly withdraws the length of his shaft, and then slams it back into me. If I bite my lip any harder, I’m going to draw blood. I can already feel the tingle radiating from my cunt into my legs.It fills me completely with it’s massive size and incredible heat, and I love it. "Take off your jeans, bend over and put your hands on the wall. He pulls on my curls with one hand, and cups one of my tits with the other.I feel Ian’s strong, rough hands pull aside my panties and slide the full length of his shaft into my cunt in a single, masterful stroke. There’s no way I’m going to hold back an orgasm. It’s all I have not to wail in pleasure. He begins to pound me against the wall. "Don’t you dare cum, Kate. Slamming into my ass with each thrust.Hitting just the right spot with the head of his amazing rod. With a final thrust, Ian pushes his cock all the way into me, and drives us both up against the wall. "I’m going to cum inside you, Katie. That sentence almost made me cum right there. "Is that what you want? "His grip tightens on my hair. I can tell from his breathing that he’s close.if I so much as think you’re going to cum before I’ve given you permission, I’ll take this cock away from you. I’m going to fill your little cunt with so much hot, sticky cum that you’ll be with child. I’m going to anyway. I decide to ask permission."He rhythm slows a bit and he’s as deep as he can go. Breathlessly, I ask: "May I please cum now? Jesus, I need him to tell me I can cum. He’s pounding me deeper than anyone ever has, and it feels unbelievable. When you feel my cock pumping you with cum, you may ask me again." I managed to stammer out. I start to become light headed as the pressure wells up in my groin. Oh god, his cock is shooting into me. " I’m totally out of breath now. His cock simply feels too fucking good. "My knees buckle completely and I collapse, supported only by the wall I’m shoved against, Ian’s grip on my body, and his dick inside me.I can’t hold it off anymore. Both of my legs shake in spasm as I feel wave after wave of pleasure emanating from deep inside my pussy, while this lovely ginger boy pumps me full of cum. Ian withdraws the length of his manhood, and replaces my panties over my cunt.I have never, ever had such a powerful orgasm (that didn’t make me pass out). His cum is already leaking. He gives me a kiss on the cheek. "Please may I cum please? My panties are utterly drenched in my own juices, and now full of Ian’s cum. The panties that are sacred to Rory and I. He pulls my hair so that my ear is right next to his lips.The little white panties that I am now leaking ginger seed into. God I hope he doesn’t stop. "Before I manage to pull up my jeans, I become acutely aware of two things: Ian is already gone. After a time, I manage to collect myself, and support my own weight again. It’s a text from Rory.That I bought specifically to wear as I walked down the aisle to marry him. It forces me to collect my thoughts instead of rapid-firing angry texts at him. As I begin to panic, my hip vibrates. You told your friend to essentially rape me? You knew I would cheat on you? What were you thinking? I can’t believe I let that happen. Why would you do that to me?I’m a bad person, a horrible girlfriend, and an even worse bride-to-be. Maybe he just asked him to keep me company, and was only kidding about making me cum? He hasn’t responded to any of my text messages, and I’m buried in silence for at least the next thirty minutes. ;)"—————It’s a good thing my mobile doesn’t work on the tube.My panties are full of cum. Maybe he didn’t know Ian would fuck me within an inch of my life? You knew I would like it? Just as well, I’m not in the mood for polite conversation. "Did he make you cum, baby? Normally there’s someone here until eleven o’clock, and it’s only half ten.Silently leaking sticky pleasure. The rest of the house is dark. "Hey baby, sorry I couldn’t make it, work bbw redhead was hell. He’s just laying on the bed watching softcore tv shows. John asked me to stick around and get a couple things sorted. When I get to the penthouse, the hall light fades on to welcome me home. He better be home when I get there.I make my way to the bedroom so that I can strip out of my clothes and shower before he returns. I was glad to find the lobby empty when I got there. Did you ask him to do this? I saw the way you looked when he fucked you that day you caught us. Even if I tell him, should I be honest about how fucking good it was to be fucked like a whore in the ladies room of one of our favorite pubs?" I reply as I take off my top, leaving me in only my little white undies and lacy bra. I wanted to give you one last fling… one final transgression before we tied the knot. I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine.The set I bought for our wedding day. Except now they are soaked with cum. "Did he make your little pussy feel good, my love? Rory noticed immediately. "I didn’t know what to say. "I was furious and elated at the same time.Wrapped up like a little present. The little pink bow between my tits, and just above my cunt. He loves the bright, virginal white on my pale skin. I’ve got a present for him. Both mine and Ian’s. He begins to get up, and I push him down on his back, and put his arms above his head. I climb up on top of him, and scoot my self up to his face, kneeling over him on top of his arms, pinning them to the bed.This outfit does something to him. I can see his boxer-briefs stretch as his dick gets harder and harder. He used me like his slut, and I took his cock like a good girl. New ones for that special day. "Do they taste good, Rory? Then he filled my pussy with his sticky load.""Mmm-hmm"I’m probably not going to cum again, not after the night I’ve had, but I’m going to make this boy eat my dirty pussy until it’s clean for what he’s done. "I lowered myself onto his face, and I felt a broad, flat stroke of his tongue up the fabric of my crotch, licking the sex from my pretty little panties.My cum-filled panties, covering my full pussy, are inches from his face. "It was the best sex I’ve ever had. He kept sucking, licking, probing. Before I know it, I’m fucking his mouth. I pull my undies to the side and expose my leaking cunt, and his mouth was on it instantly, covering it completely.He sucked my whole cunt lightly while running his tongue from the entrance to my sex, up to my clit, and back again. "That’s right, good boy. And now you’re going to lick my dirty cunt. Bucking my hips like I’m riding a dick, except I’m riding his tongue. I could feel Ian’s cum running out of my pussy.Do you like eating cum from my pussy, darling? Eat that hot, sticky, ginger load. It felt so good to feel his huge cock fill me with that load. I shift my knees off of his arms. The domination of making him eat me was hot, but it’s become uncomfortable and distracting.As soon as his hands are free, I expected him to start to jerk his swollen gland. Instead, he surprises me by removing my pretty little brassiere and cupping my tits. I came harder than I ever have in my life. Occasionally sliding his hands down my body to my hips to pull me into his face even more, then back up to my tits.He began to fuck my hole with his tongue, each time it darts into me, a bit more of Ian’s cum leaking out. Is that what you wanted, baby? He’s intently focused on my cunt, licking, sucking, darting as I slowly and rhythmically rock back-and-forth on his face. Fucking his face, I’m smothering him as much as Ian smothered me.Grinding on his tongue, making him eat his friends cum, I start to feel it. "I’m going to cum in your mouth, Rory. ""Mmm-hmm"There’s so much cum, and Rory doesn’t seem to mind at all. He is gonna make me cum. Pinching my gumdrop nipples. I can still feel Ian leaking from me. "Can you taste him, darling? "I close my eyes and drift into orgasm.Don’t stop licking that dirty pussy. Each pinch jolting my clit even more than his tongue alone. Do you taste your friend inside your bride? I clench down and begin to quicken my breath as I squeeze his head between my legs. As my orgasm subsides, I notice that Rory’s cock is still rock hard. It’s my second orgasm of the night, and the second time I was pushed over the edge by the thought of that ginger boy’s cum."He begins to hold one of my nipples tightly between his thumb and forefinger as he presses his tongue flatly against my clit, driving me closer and closer to orgasm. This one is significantly less intense that the one I had earlier, but it relaxed me. Don’t stop eating my dirty cunt.I tell him to remove his shorts, and then I drape my cum-soaked delicates over his rock hard member. I suck on a finger and begin to tease his asshole with it. It wasn’t as powerful, but it still felt really, really good to cum on my fiancee’s tongue.In seconds he’s shooting cum high into the air with a long, loud moan. I scrape some of his investigate this site cum off of his tummy and lick it off of my fingers. Then I give Rory a deep, cum-filled kiss. Next Saturday, I’ll walk down the aisle and marry my soulmate.I climb down, and take my panties off. With a ginger baby in my belly. And when I do, I’ll be wearing those dirty panties. "—————It’s been weeks since that night. We haven’t spoken about it since, and all seems well. He wastes no time using my moist panties to rub the tip of his cock just the right way.

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