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16 Sep 2017 18:16

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Sorry for how long this story was, I just wanted to fit in every sexy detail. It's also gotten around that we're into group sex, which got out because we had a habit of leaving parties with another girl in tow. This happened last winter, and as it gets colder I can't help but thinking of this.She has lots of tattoos, and has a pretty face. I'm average height, and I've got that douche bag undercut that is becoming known as the "alt-right haircut", but before we just called the CM Punk hair cut. My girlfriend and I are pretty well known around the bars and parties in town. My girlfriend, Amy, and I having a small party at our house after leaving the bars.It doesn't hurt that my girlfriend is really hot. We're friends with most of the people we see around, we go to a lot of punk and indie shows, and we're both performers/perfomance artists. She's medium height and build, but she has an amazing ass which she likes to show off in short black shorts.I've got a beard (of course), tattoos, and I like to think that I dress well. Personally, I think everyone looks trina michaels great in the winter. Amy is actually wearing black tights, a cute dress, and a leather jacket.Amy and I are drinking at a kitchen table with a few of our friends, and this one girl named Ashley who had come to visit from out of state. Important details for later. Everyone looks fucking cool wearing layers, government ordered black skinny jeans, sweaters and jackets. When either I or Amy tell a joke, her gaze will linger a bit after laughing, and she'll either smirk or bite her lip a little, as if she were trying to send a telepathic brain message.It was cold out, so we were all bundled up. She also has gotten into wearing chokers, and god bless whoever brought those back. The group of us are drinking shitty wine, and telling stupid jokes, but I notice that Ashley is giving us very obvious sex eyes. She comes back and takes a seat right next to Amy. Time passes, and Ashley gets up to get more wine.After a while I notice Amy squirming a bit, just slightly. Girls sometimes say I look like Adam Levine, but I definitely look more like a bearded Adam Devine. Ashley is pretty cute, with short dark hair, blue eyes, black jeans, and a sweater/crop top thing that shows off her big tits pretty well. She is very obviously not wearing a bra.The kitchen conversation is dying out a little, so our friends all get up to go outside and smoke. I make eye contact with Ashely and she smiles a little, and Amy is trying to keep a poker face. Amy's hand leaves mine and she touches Ashley's face, kissing her harder. She grabs my hand and puts it on her leg.Almost as soon as everyone leaves I touch Amy's face and kiss her deeply. I play up the theatrics a little, running my hand through her hair, knowing that Amy likes to watch me make out with other girls. That's when I notice Ashely has her hand on Amy's other leg, gently stroking and rubbing her thigh to inner thigh.We break the kiss, and Amy turns to Ashley and they kiss deeply. We break the kiss when we trina michaels hear the front door open, and we immediately pretend like we were in the middle of some conversation as someone walks through the kitchen to get a beer.She moans into my kiss, and moves my hand to her inner thigh, where I feel Ashley's fingers gently stroking her crotch through her tights. They break the kiss, and I lean over and kiss Ashley, who's plump lips taste like cherry lip gloss. As I'm talking with my friend, I notice he's getting a bit distracted and looking behind me.I quickly turn trina michaels to look, and Amy and Ashely are in full make out mode, running their hands over each others bodies. I lean against my house talking to a friend, and Amy and Ashley move into the shadows behind me thinking that they're being coy and no one can see them. Amy is touching Ashley's tits through her sweater crop top thing, whose nipples are pressing tightly against the fabric due to the cold, and the touching.It's a weak smokescreen, kind of on purpose, because I like to show off how goddamn lucky I am sometimes. I glance back at my friend and try to distract him with stupid conversation about our favorite video games as kids. Ashley has both hands on my girlfriend's ass, up her dress, grabbing her beautiful butt through her tights.We go out to my back yard, and there a few people milling about, drinking and smoking cigarettes. I kiss Amy who runs her tongue hungrily into my mouth, moaning as she's fingered by this girl we just met. I watch as a contended man should as these two cute girls run their tongues across each others', breathing heavily with their lips locked.It turns me on so much kissing the girl who just made out with my girlfriend. The conversation isn't bad, but for some reason my friend dips out to the front yard to talk to some people or something, IDK. I kiss down the other side of Amy's neck, and she leans her head back, loving the attention. I turn around and Ashley has my girlfriend pressed up against the house.She whimpers and her body starts to shiver as she cums all over Ashley's fingers. Amy's breaths get shallower and quicker, but Ashley keeps her fingers working steadily. I place my hand on Ashley's hip, and she leaves my girlfiend's neck to kiss me wildly.Amy's dress is hiked up around her waist, and Ashley's hand is buried down the front of Amy's tights. Amy grabs by the hair on the back of my head to break the kiss, and to start kissing me hard. Our hands are all over each others' bodies. She's kissing my girlfriend's neck, whose eyes are closed, lips slightly open, moaning silently, as she grinds her hips back and forth at Ashley's touch.No sooner do I close my door that we start making out with each other. She breaks the kiss and stares into my eyes, and then into Ashley's. Amy and I kiss, then Amy and Ashley, then Ashley and I. Amy takes Ashley's hand and guides her to the bed. I start lightly sucking them through the fabric, and she moans and grabs the back of my head. Ashley pulls off her top, revealing her pale skin, and the most perky, huge tits I've ever seen in real life.They were truly awe inspiring. I grab both of their asses, and take turns kissing one, then the other. Ashley pushes Amy down onto her back, and lightly pins her wrists down, while lowering each of her tits onto Amy's eager mouth, one at a time at first, then totally burying my girlfriend's face. Amy sits down and Ashley straddles her, their lips locked together. She arches her back a little to kiss me, as my girlfriend licks her tits.She whispers she wants me to play with her. I take this time to move behind Ashley and kiss her neck from behind. My hand moves down the front of her pants and I feel her little soaked pussy. I really want to touch Ashley's amazing tits, so I get the okay from both girls, and begin fondling her through her sweater/crop top thing, running my thumbs over her hard nipples.Apparently to my girlfriend as well, who immediately buried her face in them, taking turns sucking each nipple, licking the tit around the nipples and pawing at both of Ashley's tits. Ashley presses her back against me, moaning from the attention she's getting from both my girlfriend and me.Ashley pulls her hand out of Amy's tights and sucks her fingers clean, then puts two fingers in my mouth so I can taste my girlfriend's pussy on them. I get the okay from my girlfriend (A lusty "Just do it, stupid"), and unbutton Ashley's jeans from behind.I run my fingers across her lips, and rub her clit. We all pull apart, and Amy adjusts herself so she's laying lengthwise on the bed. I stop caring that there are people at my house, and grab both girls by the hand and lead them into my bedroom. She gasps a little and starts bucking her hips slightly, fucking herself on my fingers.So here's the scene: My girlfriend on her back, arms pinned above her, sucking on the huge tits of this really pretty girl, who I'm fingering from behind, and rubbing Amy's pussy as best I can from ontop. I watch this unfold, once again as a contented man should. Amy pulls my shirt off, and the girls kiss and bite my neck and clavicle. She pulls Amy's legs up a little, spreads them apart, and begins licking her pussy.I stroke my fingers down, and put two of my fingers into her drippping pussy. She grabs the waistband of the tights and Amy's panties, and slowly pulls them down, kissing my girlfriend's hip bones as she does. Ashley used one hand to stroke Amy's thigh and ass, and the other to pump her fingers in and out of Amy's pussy, all while her tongue was erotically licking her clit.As Ashley ate out Amy, they made the sexiest most intense eye contact. She buttoned my jeans, and I pulled down my pants. At some point, Amy remembered that I existed and motioned for me to come over. She grabbed my cock and started stroking it and licking the head. Ashley immediately gets between her legs and runs her tongue on the fabric of Amy's tights.So, I gladly watched as Ashley went down on my girlfriend, who quietly moaned while running her hand through Ashley's hair. Amy always gives good head, but when she's being fucked she goes crazy for my cock. Then she takes a little bit more, and runs her tongue around the shaft.I can tell Amy is going to cum again because she pulls my cock out of her mouth and lays down flat, quivering slightly, half heartedly stroking my dick with one hand, and grabbing her Ashley's hair with her other. She grabs my balls, and puts the head of my dick in her mouth, creating a seal and bobbing up and down on the first part of my shaft.Ashley was loving my girlfriend's pussy, and Amy was loving the touch of Ashley's tongue. I use my other hand to rub my girlfriend's clit as best I can through her tights. Then, Amy starts bobbing her head on it as best she can from the angle she's at. To help her out I pump my hips a little, gently face fucking her." I look down at my girlfriend and ask if that's ok. She moans,"Do whatever you want. "Ashley puts her ass up in the air, and I slide her jeans off of her. If I know anything it's that dudes too often want to be the center of attention, or the alpha dude, but nothing can ruin a mood like a guy pretending to be king shit of the universe, when in reality a threesome is about mutual enjoyment of everyones' bodies.But before she can cum, Ashley stops licking her pussy and looks up at me and quietly says,"Fuck me. I grab her hips and slide my cock inside of her. I slide them down, and put on a condom. I kiss each ass cheek, biting them a little, and rubbing my fingers across her pussy through her panties. Amy makes intense eye contact with me as I fuck Ashley from behind.She puts her mouth back on Amy's pussy, who is up leaning on her elbows watching me fuck this girl. She puts her face on the bed and moans into the sheets, her head still between my girlfriend's legs. Ashley's ass bounces with each thrust, and she moans into Amy's pussy. Ashley laughs a little and goes back to eating out Amy with aplomb, who throws her head back and moans.Her ass is pretty fucking nice ass well, and she's wearing this sexy little thong that makes it irresistable. I thrust slowly at first, enjoying watching my cock go in and out of her tight pussy, watching the lips grip around my cock. She spreads her legs and starts rubbing her clit madly, grabbing her own tit with the other hand.Amy pulls off her dress and bra, and leans against my headboard. She stops eating Amy, and starts moaning and whimpering with each thrust. I feel my balls slapping against her fingers. Her hands are grabbing the sheets as I fuck her harder.Amy moves over to me, on her knees and kisses me as I fuck Ashley, both still fingering themselves. Ashley moves her own hand between her legs and starts rubbing her clit. Amy leans down and kisses Ashley, and soon they're trina michaels both on their knees, faces down, asses up, making out. I start going faster and a little harder, increasing my grip on her hips.I press the tip of my cock at the entrance of Ashley's pussy and she pushes back a little. I grab her ass and squeeze the cheeks, loving the firmness of her ass. "It feels so fucking good,"I reply. This is the most amazing view I've ever had."God this is so fucking hot,"Amy moans, moving her fingers fast. My girlfriend's ass bouncing around my dick, kissing another girl who's also face down ass up, both rubbing their clits. She grabs her tits with one hand, the other still rubbing her clit, as Ashley kneels next to her kissing her.I pull out of Ashley, and position behind my girlfriend. I reach over and start using my fingers to fuck Amy while she fingers herself. Ashley slides up the bed, and straddles my face. "Ashley, I want you to sit on my face,"I moan. Ashley checks in with my girlfriend, who okays it.I lean over my girlfriend and grab her tits as I keep fucking her. I feel her wet pussy glide up and down my face, and onto my eager mouth. After a while I pull out of her and lay on my back. I can't see what's going on, and I wish I had a video of it. She pulls off of me, and Ashley leans down, pulls off the condom and starts sucking my dick. I think my girlfriend thinks this is sexy, too, because I hear her gasp, and feel her thighs tighten and quiver as she cums on my cock.All I can see is this girl's ass trina michaels as she rides my mouth, and my girlfriend bouncing up and down on my dick. " Ashley gets off of my face, and starts sucking my dick faster, with her hand around the shaft. My girlfriend immediately straddles me, and starts riding my cock. So far only Amy's came, and we're both really really really horny. I grab her ass cheeks and bury my face into her pussy.I shove my dick into her and she moans into the still unbroken kiss. She bobs her head up and down on my dick. My cock is in Amy's mouth when I feel my orgasm build back up. "I'm gonna cum"I moan again. Amy leans down next to her, and pulls the cock out of Ashley's mouth and into her own. This does it for Ashley who moans out a long orgasm. This goes back and forth, with them swapping my dick and each of them kissing the side of it.I shoot my first load into her mouth, and she pulls it out and strokes me as cum shoots onto her face. Amy keeps her mouth sealed tight around my dick, bobbing her head up and down fast. Then back to Ashley's mouth. Ashley at this point is furiously rubbing her pussy. Amy goes to my bathroom to clean up and Ashley and I kinda lay next to each other, appreciating the moment. I feel an orgasm building up, and I moan,"I'm gonna cum.Amy leans over my body and starts kissing Ashley, who licks the cum off of her lips and face.

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