cum blast - 3 Tips To Reinvent Your Cum Blast And Win

15 Sep 2017 17:36

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I slipped into my bathers, and did a few laps, and started thinking about how tight I was down there, and how long it had been since I'd had someone fuck me. cum blast I could feel my pussy aching to be rubbed, and with my cum blast other hand started rubbing my clit. I hadn't been there in while, and noticed that they had redone the spa next to cum blast the pool to have what looked like a very bubbly jet system with two people sitting in the water. So I [19F] went to the pool at the gym yesterday to get some heat during the cold winter days. It nude women pornography was the quickest build to a climax I have ever had. I opened my eyes and checked that no one was watching, then turned around and spread my legs against the wall, angling my body so the water was driving straight against my hardcor clit. As I settled down in the corner of the spa, I lent my head back, and my hand drifted to gently trace my hard nipples over the top of my thin bathers.I arched my back and pulled myself closer to the jet, almost pressing my pussy against it, until a long loud moan escaped from my lips and echoed through the room. As I enjoyed myself, I noticed that there was a spa jet pummeling water hard against my back.Suddenly I peaked - almost screaming in pleasure, and threw myself back from the wall, my body shuddering and my legs tingling. I felt the pleasure building inside of me as the thick plume of water hit my clit in a steady, continuous stream.submitted by nocluewhattodo11 [link] [1 comment] I knew that it would have been audible, and that if a swimmer had stopped to look they would have known exactly what I was doing. I let the water push into me, moaning and grabbing my tits with one hand, steadying myself against the jet with the other. Breathing hard, I sank back down in the corner of the spa, utterly satisfied. I stopped swimming, and noticed that the two people who were in the spa had got out and left, so I quietly got out of the pool and slid into the hot water.

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