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09 Sep 2017 23:22

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I am 510 165lbs bit of a fitness freak haha. Over the course of our relationship and late night drunken talks, we explored our mutual interest in bringing outside partners in to the bedroom. As the title might imply, this story may not appeal to everybody, but it was a hot time that stuck out in my mind. My girlfriend and I have been dating for around 4 years now, starting when we in our senior years of high school. Enough of the background though. Although we have yet to actually physically bring others in to our bedroom, it is easily my favorite kink old people porn and something that always gets me off. This particular event took place about a year ago, but I still remember it quite vividly.I jokingly mentioned it to my gf later, and to my surprise she was immediately enthusiastic about both of us downloading the app and flirting with people on there. At this point we were just beginning our interest in extracurricular activities. It started with talking about celebrities we would fuck, and gradually turned to more realistic scenarios like camming on Chaturbate and talking with others on Craigslist.I was home from college for Thanksgiving when a friend mentioned this new app everybody was talking about at his college – Tinder. A bit of background to begin: We are both 23, and my gf is 58 140lbs with an athletic body and 34d tits. When we were 18, I could barely deal with the fact that she had fucked a few other guys before because I was so jealous, and she was incredibly jealous as well (although I was a virgin when we started dating).My gf had matched with a guy that she clearly favored over the hundreds of matches she already had – I think that may have been due to the fact that he was a little older and already had a professional job (The one time my gf will ATTACK me is when I am wearing a suit, so not very surprising).Now that I think about it, he was a redditor as well and frequented some of the porn subs that I like bbwxxx as well, so I wouldnt be too surprised if he sees this haha. The guy also shared a lot of the same kinks that I had, interestingly enough. An important fact of this story that made this night so much hotter is the fact that my girlfriend is usually very submissive sexually and not really as outward about her sexuality as youd expect from someone in to a kinkier thing than most people.The next week when we were back at school and staying at the same place again, we could actually share what we had going on. So anyhow, we both used the app a little the week we were away from school for Thanksgiving, and it was pretty fun – she obviously had a lot of guys trying to fuck her, and although I have gleaned from most of my girl friends in real life that none of them use Tinder seriously whatsoever, it was still flattering to be openly hit on.It was right before holiday break, so nothing really left to do but a few finals, which meant excessive partying. Although we have always had a great relationship and are now very secure with each other, it didnt hurt that after 4 years of being with each other there were hundreds of strangers that found both of us attractive.One night after walking home from the bars, her and I were sharing a bottle of wine at home. Now that we are seniors in college, things have changed a lot in our relationship. Just like when I had first suggested Tinder, she surprised me by being all for it. If so, feel free to PM. When we got back we quickly drank the wine playing a Tinder drinking game, and the wine and the flirting had both of us in the mood.I started sucking on her neck, and she quickly rubbed my cock over my pants. I know that it is blasphemous for most to check phones, but since it was obviously getting both of us off, I nodded my approval at her. She turned around to playfully hit me for doing it, and I joked that she should send it to Tinder guy.Since neither of us had anything to do the next morning, I suggested we walk to the convenience store and get one more bottle. Right as things were starting to get hot and heavy, her phone buzzed. Now on to the night in question.It was cold as fuck out, so she put on yoga pants and boots (who doesnt love that combo) so me being the perv I am took a picture of her ass as I walked. I instantly stuck two fingers in her sopping wet pussy and whispered that instead she would do exactly as he asked. Anyway, my gf was clearly really enjoying sexting with him, and all of it had me hard as a rock.(to this day I feel like he must have known what was going on as these obviously were not selfies) She turned around and started to stand up, but instead I pulled her on her knees over to me. She looked at me and said Ill text him back later, but I had other plans. I slowly began to fuck her face in rhythm as she slipped a hand inside of her thong to touch herself.I had never heard her moan quite like she was right then, and she was taking my 8 all solo girls the way down her throat like never before. Immediately, she began fumbling with my belt and had my cock out and deep down her throat.As we kept in rhythm, her phone lit up again, and she kept bobbing up bbwxxx and down enthusiastically on me as she grabbed her phone to read the text. She moaned softly and writhed on my fingers as I told her to strip and get down on all fours so he could get a better view of her ass. I pulled out right as I started cumming and coated her face in the largest load I have ever blown, hands down.She stripped down to thong and boots and stuck her ass up on the floor in front of me while I took a few pictures and sent them off to him. She ran to go grab her Magic Wand and immediately started bucking her hips as I whispered dirty talk in her ear about how bad she wanted to fuck the guy from Tinder.It was so fucking hot to see somebody that was normally so submissive attacking my cock while simultaneously flirting with a stranger. She told me that he had instructed her to send another picture. They continued to talk on there a little bit, and he tried to get her to hang out a month or so later, although it wasnt really something I was comfortable with yet.She pulled my ear down to her mouth and whispered how hot it was that this turned me on before she went back to swallowing me like a porn star, until the whole situation sent me over the edge. We are more interested in having a MFM or FFM where we are both present at least as a starting point, but that was still easily one of the hottest experiences of my life.She paused for a moment to hand me the phone and it said something along the lines of spread your legs more. For a lot of people this probably sounds ridiculous, but for me, fetishizing my previous jealousy has allowed me to take control of it, and in turn be more satisfied bbwxxx with my sex life. I dont think they talk much any more as he was entering a relationship. I got a little wordy with it, but it was a very fun night.I have plenty more stories along these lines if you guys like it. This sent her over the edge immediately and she came just as hard as I did. This time, she confidently went straight down on all fours and laid spread eagle while I snapped a few more and sent them off.

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