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09 Sep 2017 18:12

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She has done this before. The girl isn't new to what we do on the job. I am not the one cheating at work. But the story goes like this. Younger then I am at least and I am . She tells me she is 8. I snap chatted her confessing how it turned me on and how hot her ass looked in the spandex leggings she previously wore. There is this new younger girl at work. I arrive to work just like any other day and I'm wondering how we will work together since our conversation the previous night. I'm feeling eager to hope this turns into more. She's giving the vibe she wants more but continuing to Snapchat. She responded back she's gotten that complement before. She snapchats that she's going to bed.This is just a short story and I'm typing it on my phone otherwise I could be more creative and make a longer story which I might do later. The next day I arrive and clock in peeking around corners thinking she had already arrived.I had a feeling of disappointment and fear. I hope she doesn't quit because of me. Out of the corner of my eye I see her walking towards the building. She's not skinny nor is she fat. She was confessing how she messed around with her ex big booty teen and that got me turned on and thinking and wanting more.She's an average athletic build with an ass you'd stare at and want to just touch and caress. But it's still appropriate and not to eye catching. She walks in the doors and notices me ogling her. She's wearing the same leggings or at least ones like them. I'm thinking to myself 8 hours of temptation can I make it through the shift?At least I know I didn't scare her or in I'm trouble. She's wearing a new shirt that's a soft fabric v neck that almost shows too much cleavage. Did her boyfriend find out? Playfully flirting and joking around. I Snapchat her good night. The first couple hours we talk normal. Like how we normally do.I must have not heard her or I was thinking of that nice ass of hers. She smiles and walks right past me biting her lip. It came to dinner time and I was getting food ready. I'm in the kitchen making a plate and I turn around. She's right behind me giving me the most seductive look. She's staring at me while I'm staring right back.I breath in and in a split second my heart rate jumps times 0. What was only minutes seemed like forever. I wasn't expecting her to do that but had always fantasized about it. Brushing her brown long her against my face forcing me to take another deep breath inhaling her aroma. I'm trying so hard not to look away and act nervous.Our job requires making food for clients. She finally broke it and leaned in and grabbed something that was behind me. I didn't know if I could last any longer throughout the night. She felt me inhale and slowly returned to where she was standing. Fast forward to when things get quiet and Co workers leave early from work.She turned towards the door saying thanks and biting her lip. It's just us watching TV and we are joking and flirting. Her body rubbed against mine quick enough so I could I get another sample of her smell. It comes to the point where it's just us two left at work. "Like I said you've got a nice ass." She takes a deep breath and adjusts herself so her legs are on the recliner and her butts off to the side. We are both fairly new employees and most of the time are the only ones left at the end of the shift. I'm thinking I know I can play this farther."I've gotten that before. " I wait to say what else and to my surprise she asks me what it is. "I really want to hook up while at work. " She says in a smart tone. We're both done with our work and nothing else is to be done. "So I've got this sort of fantasy. Is that what your saying?" She's interested and looks directly at me with her butt still in the position. " "So you want to hook up with me. " Me asking curiously. I say, maybe something with that. She gets up and walks toward me. "Well here ya go, maybe we should go over there so it's a little more private? I look at her perfect ass in her yoga pants and she looks down as well.I stand up still staring at her perfect round ass. "So I know you were watching my ass again. We're standing next to the wall and she grabs my hand as I start to move closer. Or would you try some stuff? It's perfect and I'm starting to feel my heart beat quicken and my lust grow. She turns her back to me and places my hand on her hip and my other hand follows suit.She takes my hand leading to the hallway. " It was the hall way. " She spoke with a naughty tone. "This what you wanted, right? We knew what we were doing was wrong. I'm right behind her and my hands are inspecting and caressing every aspect of her soft shapen butt. My body ended up against her back and I was smelling her hair turning groping into spooning while standing.My hands were in her legs feeling. She knew but I could tell she liked doing it. I massaged her butt and our breathing starting to match each other's. We slowed down to catch our composure. She reached her hands back embracing me and her hands moving up and down my butt pulling me into her back causing us to slowly rock into each other.When we did we wanted to go right back into it. We haven't said a single word. I could tell she was heating up as I moved closer inside her thighs. We adjust ourselves so we're not leaning anymore but still in the same position. Our crotches intertwined my forehead is pressed against hers and her hair against my face. I move in and slowly kiss her lips.She turns around big booty teen still groping and we end up face to face. She eagerly accepts and starts to kiss me back. My hands are on her waist and hers are wrapped around my back. My hand goes back down to her waist and hers go to my head and down to my shoulders. Our bodies react and go with the kiss.I finally break the kiss to ask a question. " I say short of breath. "We can't go to far, I don't want to get caught and get in trouble. Are bodies are colliding and can't stop kissing. " She looks at me and says no sex, yet. " "Let's be careful then. I can feel her breathing on my mouth we are inches away. It's dark but we still can see our selves in the moonlight that's coming through. We go into the empty room and continue making out."Let's go to the empty room? One of my hands move up to her hair and behind her head. I slowly taste her tongue and she let's out a moan as if she was holding it since the hallway. As we enter the door I take the same position we were in the hall and I'm pressing her back to the wall as I lift her leg and straddle it on my hip.I'm firmly pressing my crotch into hers as I lead my face into hers. I can feel myself getting hard as it presses into her crotch. I know she could feel it. We push ourselves against the walls as we make out. She tries to do the same with my pants but we're both playing twister with our pants.Before she can say anything I placed big booty teen my hand on her stomach and slowly inch my fingers into her leggings sliding into her panties. I pull her pants roxy raye down and reveal her purple lingerie underwear. I feel she is extremely hot and turned on. I ask if I can while looking down and she said do oral only I eagerly attempt to take her pants off and she helps me.She reaches down and rubs through my denim jeans and moans harder. I start to rub outside of her panties and I can feel the moistness of her pussy. I take her and set her down on the ground. She's bucking and moaning to my speed. Her body so soft and her aroma smells of what a 8 freshmen college girl would. I start to finger the wetness and slowly to savor it.I'm so intoxicated I lean in and smell whilst massaging her clit. I can't handle it I pull them down to her knees so incase she has to pull them up quick. She takes her hand out and let's me play with her. She let's out a scream moan and I tell her shhh.I extend my middle finger to join my index and insert both. My other hand massages her stomach and I insert my other hands index finger in and she let's out a deep breath of pleasure. I slowly take it out and it's warm and feels like a pocket of heaven. My pants are unzipped and almost down.I'm massaging my boner as I'm on my knees fingering my coworker I'm in love with. I slowly inch my pants down to the side of my thighs and continue to rub my boner. She quiets down but doesn't stop moaning. She's came about twice already and looks at me. "Should we keep going? She must have been extremely horny cause she silently whispered "Fuck me"." I slip my underwear down so my boner is extended out. " That moment I said Fuck it slid her panties and shirt completely off and took my pants, under wear and shirt off until we were both naked. She's on her back and I crawl towards her going to missionary position. "Just a little longer. She's rubbing my ass as I do this and she says I've gotta pretty nice as too, better then her boyfriends.I took the hand I was fingering her with and stroke my boner with her juices. She let's out a slight moan and I know I'm right in front ready to go in. I asked if she was sure. I finger her some more and get my hand wet and lubricate my boner. "What my boyfriend doesn't know won't hurt him and you like my ass.I slide in slow and my knees slide in as I'm in downward dog and she's on her back. That turns me on even more and I stick it against her hole. It's so soft and warm I feel like I'm in heaven. She says we need to hurry so I start a good rythem of pumping my hips into her. I think she came as I entered.I start slow to savor it. She wrapped her hands around my neck and kissed me so hard expecting me to cum. I was pumping and grinding her along the floor I didn't realize we were against the edge of the wall. I lean in and kiss her lips as I enter into her fully and stay there. Oh my god my body was on fire and didn't want to stop each press of our bodies was pushing me and her over the edge.I felt it building up and she quickly said she was on the pill. She pulled me into her body with her arms as I continued to push my crotch into her each one more intense I picked her butt up so I could pump faster and harder. We were breathing so hard we didn't care.I was on the last couple pumps and decided to not stop as I felt myself cumming. I told her I was about to cum as I looked her in the eyes. The smell was fueling us to go longer. I layed on top of her with my boner still inside her.I kept humping her as I was coming and she was moaning the whole time. We finished with one long kiss as we layed on the floor shaking from our intense orgasms. I slowly started to stop as I felt my hot cum spill into her. She grabbed my lubricated dick and stroked it.She moaned as it filled her. I slowly took my hand and started to pet her clit as she shivered. We made out after we got dressed and continued to send each other snapchats. Slowly sliding in and out feeling my cum lubricate her walls. Sadly we had to get dressed and leave for home. This is my first adult story I actually started and finished.I shivered and we both lay touching and feeling each other. This time they were sexier ones. Sorry if there are grammatical errors but I can do better but this was done on my phone and in the early a. Let me know if I should do more. It was so hot in there. I have a fetish for solo girls striping I work with and are in relationships. Its inspired on whats happening now in my life.

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